How I stopped buying CDs and started loving music  APR 08 2004

How I stopped buying CDs and started loving music.

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eric45 08 2004 3:45PM

I exchanged emails a while back with the artist behind Imaginary Johnny. I'd heard a track on KEXP, downloaded the album, and mentioned it on my site. He was googling and found my site in the results -- and after his comments I bought the album on iTunes. He had some good things to say about iTunes:

"I think the movement towards 99c downloads is a positive thing. First, the alternative is probably that people would just get the track for free. Second, and very important for folks like me, is what you said -- it brings indie music to the table. It's all there alphabetically and you can pick what you like. Very democratic really. Third, the money isn't bad. Half is what you get at a very artist-friendly indie label. Plus, you keep all the copy-rights, etc. Record stores take half, then the labels take half of that at the local store. And finally, it's not costing the label shipping or the cost of a physical CD.

"So, I guess I really like it for its simplicity and artist-friendliness. I think it's very important the payoff for artists doesn't start slipping below 50%."

This is what really spurred me to buy as much music as possible from iTunes - they're treating independent artists fairly and with respect: exactly what I do if I see them in concert.

Craniac33 08 2004 9:33PM


Do I just find an ISP with a full usenet feed? Cuz google ain't got no mp3s..

Ry Rivard53 08 200411:53PM

Yeah, is there a good source of the RIAA-won't-sue-you MP3s. I know of the RIAA Radar, but being illegal without getting caught ain't the same as being too legit to quit, if you follow my drift.

Angie21 09 2004 8:21PM

Or you could move to Canada, except we don't yet have iTunes store available to us.

Cheshire21 12 2004 2:21PM

So Jeffrey Veen has decided to pioneer a sort of unofficial shareware music system. How convenient...for him.

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