Great stop animation music video  APR 17 2004

Great stop animation music video.

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Erich Ian05 18 2004 4:05AM

Nice! For more music video enjoyment check out Bob Schneider's Come With Me Tonight.

sarah56 18 2004 9:56AM

Amazing. How often do you see such a perfect integration of concept and content?

Jeff23 19 2004 2:23AM

For some reason, I'm not convinced it's entirely stop motion animation. They could jsut have easily laid empty blue frames on top of each other and filled in the footage with a computer.

And the penny in the picture implies these photos are on the small size. who takes a gazillion pictures that are 3 penny-diameters tall.

ron13 19 2004 8:13AM

i know the guy who made this video and it's definitely stop motion... it was all shot with a canon G2 and then printed out 15 photos to an 8 by 10 sheet using a home printer (the photos are at 6 fps)... he cut the photos down and then stacked them up one by one and shot them on DV... this video cost almost nothing -- just the cost of a couple of ink cartridges and 30 sheets of glossy photo paper (and the coins and stick of gum...)

jez24 19 200410:24AM

similar video clip, recently released by sia, directed by daniel askill:

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