Gender differences and performance in competitive environments  APR 23 2004

Gender differences and performance in competitive environments.

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Kip Ingram14 24 2004 9:14AM

That article actually makes an awful lot of sense, but I can already imagine the firestorm it's likely to create. It gets into some issues that are tacitly "off limits" in today's culture.

phil52 24 2004 2:52PM

all it shows--if its a nice accurate piece of work--is that women are taught not to even try to be as competitive against men....and it would need to be done to a much wider sample group in order to even be relevant to anything other than the tested culture anyways. Great site by the way Kip, it is on my wider circle of sites I visit on occasion in order to get a little bit smarter.

michelle35 24 2004 7:35PM

Those Japanese vending machines remind me of automats of the past...

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