Cin-o-matic is like Metacritic with watchlists, extensive  APR 07 2004

Cin-o-matic is like Metacritic with watchlists, extensive filtering, and other neat features.

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R.03 07 2004 8:03PM

It would be nice if the watch list feature weren't limited to movies already in theaters.

dack32 08 200410:32PM

High Industrial: We're working on showing movies further out. We're at least 7 days out now. To see them, use the filtering tools on the "in theaters" tab ... if you find something you like you can add it to your watch list.

Paul Mayne05 12 2004 6:05PM

I've been using cin-o-matic since I was referred from this post. It's awesome, I already used it to remember what DVD's I wanted to rent last weekend.

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