A not-so-helpful phrasebook  APR 20 2004

A not-so-helpful phrasebook. "Si vous allez aux Etats-Unis, vous trouverez que dix cents c'est beaucoup de fric."

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Joerg05 20 200412:05PM

Where is the train station - I need drugs.

Wo ist der Bahnhof - ich brauche Drogen.
Ou est le station de train - je besoin drurghs.

Max24 20 2004 1:24PM

Use the fish. Some of those translations are hilarious. The german translation for "I admire you above all for your purity of spirit and your appreciation of the arts." is, roughly "Would you blow me one time?" :)

sarah20 20 2004 3:20PM

The Slingshot Collective (slingshot@tao.ca) is looking for translations for next year's organizer book. These are the phrases they want, in whatever language you know:

1. Where's the library?
2. I'm from Canada.
3. The (bleep) U.S. Government is (bleep bleep).
4. You're hot, are you queer?
5. Is there any place in your house I can hide?
6. Would you like to sleep with me?

megc24 20 2004 4:24PM

It's "j'ai besoin de," actually.

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