Wow, McDonald's is phasing out their Supersize menu items  MAR 03 2004

Wow, McDonald's is phasing out their Supersize menu items.

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RobbyB26 03 200410:26AM

I bet you'll still get the option to order a "small, medium, or large" drink and fries. It's the same stuff, just a different name.

Stephen10 03 200412:10PM

No, they've already phased out Super Sized here in Europe (Northern Ireland anyway) and it means no big massive drinks and no big massive fries. Just small regular and large, but not super sized.

Stefan Jones13 03 200412:13PM


They're actually getting rid of the largest sizes.

Shameful admission:

I bought a hundred shares of McD last month. I could sell it now with a 10% return after fees and capital gains taxes.

But I think I'll hang on to it, because for a shameless perveyor of unhealthy crap, McDonalds can really do smart stuff from time to time. Like the salads and their dramatic elimination of foam containers. Survivors.

Benjy20 03 2004 2:20PM

At least you can still get a double quarter pounder or double fillet o'fish!

andrea04 03 2004 4:04PM

MacDara39 03 2004 6:39PM

People are going to miss the supersize portions. (I know I always go for the suprsize fries when I go there, maybe once or twice a year at most.) They'll most likely decide to buy double smaller portions to compensate. Therefore, McDonald's make more money.

Then again, maybe I'm just being cynical.

Shmuel55 03 2004 6:55PM

"McDonalds can really do smart stuff from time to time. Like [...] their dramatic elimination of foam containers."

Interesting note: those containers didn't get "eliminated" they got shipped. McDonalds uses them in countries like Spain where the controversy is not as hot. Hamburgers here come in the very same containers I remember seeing in The States a few years back, English language printing and all.

MacDara39 04 2004 5:39AM

I think it's similar throughout Europe, not just Spain. Only Burger King has really made the switch to cardboard. (And it's probably not even recycled cardboard, either - not that I've checked, mind you.)

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