Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me  MAR 24 2004

Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School by Michael McDonough. I'm having problems with #9 these days.

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andy07 24 2004 5:07PM

I have more of a problem with dealing with #2. Sometimes it seems like that's a small 5%.

Bard Edlund49 24 2004 5:49PM

problem with #2? there are pills and stuff for that, andy. but seriosuly... this list was pretty good reading, better than most such articles.

PC21 24 200410:21PM

If you have any one of those problems then get out of the design business, for God's sake. "95% of any creative profession is shit work." Well, I guess the music business is not a creative business because I have a blast every day doing my "creative" work. What a load of shit and condescension. And speaking of shit, if you are having problems with output remember to look in the toilet before you flush. That is your daily output and the rest is grace. Think about it.

Pierce24 25 2004 9:24AM

No, you think about it.

phil38 25 2004 2:38PM

i think he meant "creative" as in, ad lingo for people who make "creative", i.e. design people. I'm not creative, i make "creative". sounds wierd but it is used all the time.

[as a non-metropolian designer] i think the shit work comes into the equation all the time, because the client isn't right--but they are paying for it. When I get to do what I want, we can win awards. Pretty simple. And a lot of work isn't is merely re-arranging design elements you have already much as i would love to reinvent the wheel for every phone book ad i make it just doesn't work that way.

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