The sideways smiley was first used on  MAR 17 2004

The sideways smiley was first used on Sept 19, 1982. Here's the original message and resulting thread..

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Stefan Jones34 17 2004 1:34PM

This guy gave the "Living in Pittsburgh" orientation at CMU.

All I recall of his introduction: He didn't like "froggy smileys" :)

Nick38 17 2004 1:38PM

Ahh, back in the day when programmers still referred to "subroutines"...nice find.

bing44 17 2004 2:44PM

So what does happen to a candle or a drop of mercury in a falling elevator?

wyatt35 17 2004 8:35PM

hah, neeto...smilies are exactly 2 years older than I :-)

BiologicShow43 19 2004 1:43PM

If pigeons are breathing helium, I want to know about it.

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