The Leica Digilux 2 is the most beautiful  MAR 01 2004

The Leica Digilux 2 is the most beautiful digital camera I've ever seen.

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Morgan09 01 200411:09AM

I'm glad some manufacturers are moving away from the boring brushed metal look. That's on its way to becoming the new beige box.

Dan20 01 200411:20AM

I thought about getting one, but even though it looks so good, it doesn't perform all that well for the price they're asking for it. Maybe the next gen :(

Matt50 01 200411:50AM

This might be a beautifully designed camera, but it's easy to be drawn in by the Leica name and pedigree. Unfortunately, this camera is no pedigree; it's a Panasonic DMC-LC1 with a different skin (Panasonic make Leica Digital compacts). Only if I had money to burn would I go for this camera.

sam01 01 200412:01PM

It's not *just* a gimmick, though. Having all the main controls physically available, rather than through menus, is a pretty big interface plus compared to many cheaper cameras. Bit of a shame this isn't a cheaper camera, really.

(I have a cheap camera and it sucks having to fiddle about with the buttons on the back every time you want to tweak the exposure settings.)

As for the pedigree - I don't know whether Leica's analogue camera-making pedigree would necessarily mean anything much even if they actually did make digital cameras... anyway, didn't they traditionally make decent but vastly overpriced just-because-of-the-name analogue cameras?

Cheapbastard01 01 2004 2:01PM

"The Leica Digilux 2 is the most beautiful digital camera I've ever seen"

Looks like a free camera we got for looking at a timeshare in the Poconos.

corie26 01 2004 2:26PM

Leica is best known for their really good, sharp lenses, along with sturdy, last-a-lifetime camera bodies. Yes, they are expensive, though well worth it, I would think. I wish I could buy myself one-- I've dreamed of owning a Leica for years. I'd be curious to play with one of their digitals, particularly if the interface is easier to use than your standard crappy digital menu system...

Bobby27 02 2004 1:27AM

This camera is easily worth its price for the craftsmanship of the controls and lenses.

Also, the partnership between Leica and Panasonic doesn't mean Panasonic is making Leica's, it means that Leica is building components for Panasonic. This is a true Leica, one of the top 2 names in photography, next to Hasselblad of course.

Rycat45 02 2004 2:45AM

From a purely aesthetic standpoint I think the best thing about the Leica is that it does not imediatatly look like a digital camera.

HWheel34 02 2004 9:34AM

Dan said that "it doesn't perform all that well for the price." I've been waiting for the reviews. What have you heard? Where?

Frank38 02 200410:38AM

It's being reviewed at luminous landscape. Watch for more at too. So far it looks good, but at $1600 retail for the Pani and $1995 for the Leica, it should be - a $900 Canon DSLR will out perform it when ink hits paper, but the interface and lens are excellent.

Buzz Andersen51 03 200412:51AM

As the owner of a Leica M6 and several top notch Leica lenses, I really want to like the Digilux 2. The price compared to the Canon SLRs is really hard for me to get past though.

HWheel33 03 2004 9:33AM

Frank. Thanks for the heads-up review at Lumimous-Landscape., a very much respected site despite Mr. Reichmann's quirks and fascinations with various topics. (Actually, it's the Panasonic LC-1 he's reviewing, but I get the gist of it.) It seems that there are always minor differences between the Panasonic and Leica models, so despite the good-to-great review, perhaps we can expect more from the Leica Digilux 2.

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