Taxi fares to rise in NYC  MAR 05 2004

Taxi fares to rise in NYC. Fine with me, I almost never take cabs.

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John Dowdell38 05 2004 2:38PM

I've never understood why there's the threat of police force if you offer taxi services outside of a centrally-determined pricing structure. (I've heard arguments explaining why it's necessary, but haven't seen a solid argument advanced yet.)

Amit12 05 2004 6:12PM

(Fine with me, I almost never take cabs.)

Wow. What a pointless addition to that link, thanks for the cockyness jason.

Paul05 05 2004 8:05PM

Cockyness! What?

jkottke16 05 2004 9:16PM

Wow. What a pointless addition to that link, thanks for the cockyness jason.

Wow. What a pointless addition to this thread. Thanks for the perplexing comment, Amit.

Martin08 06 2004 7:08AM

When I visited New York two years ago, I was amazed at how efficient and cheap the New York taxi service was.

I didn't notice too many Americans driving the cabs though.

I live in a town in Scotland that has more taxis per captia than any other town or city in Europe, and it's never difficult to get hold of a cab - but the prices are farcical at times.

In New York, I travelled the length of Manhattan and paid about $7 for the trip.

In my home town, a journey that length would have cost me double, at least.

Peter27 06 200411:27AM

my only experience with NYC cabs is careening through central park to get back to the hotel. fun, when you're 18. i also recall observing that every cab has been banged up at least once or twice.

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