Series of photographs that have had the  MAR 21 2004

Series of photographs that have had the text stripped from them. Neat idea, would love to see this done with a photo of Times Square.

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Jason Fried03 21 200410:03AM

One of the most interesting things I've seen in a long time. Great link.

ryan59 21 200412:59PM

These are great. It's worth noting that it took me a minute to recognize some of these intersections, even though I knew the shots were taken here and am very familiar with most of the places shown.

ab16 21 2004 1:16PM

Adbusters did it a couple of years ago with a photo of times square. All the billboards/signs became blank white rectangles.

alex rainert10 21 2004 3:10PM

Neat. There's an old Bruce Mau project where he took photos of urban scenes in toronto and removed all the logos. Very powerful effect.

Michael40 21 2004 7:40PM

What a mindblowing thing, I'd say. I have a little 7 month old daughter and I sometimes think what she thinks when she sees letters on a screen or a book. I can't remember anymore what I thought letters and writing meant to me before I was able to read.

A very interesting concept if you try to imagine a world without texts. Thanks for this link.

Natali53 21 200411:53PM

That unnerved me - a world without writing. Can you imagine if that happened? If words were eventually phased out? Christ...*shudder*

Chris59 21 200411:59PM

I just got back from Chicago where I saw this exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary photography. It was part of a whole exibit based on photography and text. I would recommend checking it out if you're in the area. Also of interest is The Bowery In Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems by Martha Rosler who, incidently, teaches at my school.

Michael24 22 2004 7:24AM


I was more thinking of a world that never contained any words right from the start. Just an interesting concept to contemplate me thinks. What the world would be like if we would have never had any text at all. If that is possible in any way. However it should really be possible because most of us were able to talk before could read and write.

Brian04 23 2004 3:04AM

Hah! Just the other day I got lost over by that Sportmart, and I recognized it in the picture, without the text. Eerie.

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