Pope says Sundays for God not sports,  MAR 26 2004

Pope says Sundays for God not sports, entire Catholic population of Boston breaks all ties with church..

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Peter32 26 2004 3:32PM

of course, now the media is going to put a sensationalist spin on it to infer that he said "sports should be banned on sundays", which was not at all the point.

L32 26 2004 3:32PM

there goes Serie A on sunday for italian football.

nick40 28 2004 5:40PM

One of the big distinctions between traditional Catholic and Protestant culture in Ireland is that the one community goes to Mass and then to the match, while the other stays in and did sombre things. It's the Protestant nations which have been closer to the idea that Sunday should be a 'day of rest, and I mean Rest'.

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