Photos of the grand opening of the  MAR 01 2004

Photos of the grand opening of the San Francisco Apple Store.

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hosenpants16 01 2004 5:16PM

Photos of lots and lots of relaxed-fit jeans.

sjc37 01 2004 5:37PM

So these steps, they're made of glass?

bicaboc43 01 2004 5:43PM

uh. is the staircase the only thing in the store?

spygeek09 01 2004 6:09PM

Yea, it's the new iStair.

HDTV49 01 200410:49PM

I think I watched a special about the design the new Apple Store (can't remember where), but the steps are solid glass. I think it's cool. I've seen all the Apple products before anyway.

Gay01 02 200412:01AM

Every apple store has those glass stairs

ian20 02 200411:20AM

fashion vally san diego has no stairs, but if it did i'm sure they would be glass.

bicaboc46 02 200411:46AM

Actually there's a relatively sad little one nearby in Arlington, Virginia. It's one level, small enough that one could stand on one side and spit to the other, and a lot of the stuff i'm looking for is at CompUSA, not this Apple store.

Patito13 03 2004 1:13PM

Someone stop me, please. If Apple and IKEA merged, they'd be able to make and sell "FRED iStairs". Small ones.

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