Pete Rojas leaves Gizmodo for the greener (?)  MAR 02 2004

Pete Rojas leaves Gizmodo for the greener (?) pastures of Weblogs, Inc..

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chris01 02 2004 1:01PM

I was wondering why Gizmodo was sucking so badly for the last few weeks. I used to love that site. I used to check it a couple times a day, now I don't even check it at all. At least there's a reason.

Jon Gales43 02 2004 3:43PM

Yep. It has been going downhill for a few months. I figured Denton would have had a replacement by now (instead of just not updating).

Izzy13 02 2004 4:13PM

I'd be interested in knowing why he left, Gizmodo gets a lot of traffic.

...and I'm sure he knows that pastures always seem greener on the other side.

Brian52 02 2004 4:52PM

I noticed that they were claiming "server problems" recently.

I guess that wasn't the reason for the paucity of posts.

Cheapbastard29 02 200410:29PM

Engadget looks a lot like Gizmodo.. Anyway, I would leave too. Especially if I was the meat and potatoes of the site. Why split the revenue with others? Blogging is not like the recording industry where the talent is "slave" to the distribution (aka middleman).. ah, but I digress.

Craniac19 03 200410:19AM

I thought they were going to change the name of the site to "cell-modo."

Scott21 03 200410:21AM

Still no comments. :(

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