Pairing the T610 with a Mac via Bluetooth  MAR 10 2004

Pairing the T610 with a Mac via Bluetooth.

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davidr27 10 200412:27AM

Nice one! I've found that Romeo is the business for controlling apps on my PowerBook, although if unscrupulous colleagues steal your phone while it's still enabled you might find it awkward to quickly turn off bluetooth if they insist on waggling the pointer around. (insert smiley here)

andy39 10 200412:39AM

Romeo and the t610 are great. I never knew how convenient a remote control for iTunes could be.

mike49 10 200412:49AM

I enjoy the T610 usually, but the camera is the worst I've seen. Good luck with yours. Half of the people I know that have one (including me) experience frequent freezing.

BK19 10 2004 1:19AM

re: Romeo -- I use Salling Clicker, which I've found to be a quality app for controlling your computer with your phone. Great for iTunes, DVD Player, Powerpoint/Keynote, etc. Never tried Romeo, though. Has anyone put together a side-by-side comparison of Clicker and Romeo?

And yeah, the T610/T616 camera suuuuucks. Oh well.

Geoffrey25 10 2004 2:25AM

I think my T616 rivals my iPod in sheer greatness. Sure, the camera sucks, but I just use it to take pictures of DVDs at Blockbuster so I can add them to my Netflix queue. Bluetooth, Sailing Clicker, and iSync bring the phone to the next level. You can talk on it too.

dilok34 10 2004 2:34AM

I have the T616. Fun phone. I also was able to give my phone an OS X Theme.
You can find other themes,games, ringtones and wallpapers at

regan27 10 200412:27PM

Salling Clicker has changed my life.

shawn00 10 2004 4:00PM

Has anyone figured out the secret to getting the built in mail client to work? (The one in Messaging -> Email.)

I'm using it with t-mobile, and their add-ons are terribly confusing, so maybe I don't have the right one. I always get network errors when I try to connect to my corporate mail server. I have the t-zones unlimited add-on, which seems to imply that I should be okay, but I can't tell.

Karl31 10 2004 5:31PM

After two (2) Sony Ericsson phones, I'll never buy another. Horrible reception (e.g. weak antenna) and bad UI. Nokia still makes the best phone IMHO. I only wish they made more Bluetooth versions, but they are coming soon.

Martin25 10 2004 6:25PM

You should try EasyMoblog with your T610.

A few things: the mail client on the phone takes a bit of figuring out, but I eventually got mine working (you really have to dig deep to find that '@' sign when you're setting up email accounts).

I'm still in the process of setting my moblog up though.

One thing you're going to find with the T610 pretty quickly: the memory is crap. I had to delete almost all of the pre-installed images/tunes etc. which came with it in order to make room for photos.

There isn't nearly enough space for images on it.

I mean, I want to be able to have a photo for every person in my address book (so that when they call, their photo appears on the screen) - but I think I managed about 10 before running out of memory.

I'm lucky if I can get about seven additional photos on the phone now.

Oh, and it's a fingerprint/grease magnet too.

I dig the little green ball on the back though - it stops the camera lens from getting scratched when you rest the phone on a flat surface.

And the little mirror attachment for the back is cool too - all they need to do now is improve the camera, sort out the reception and bump up the memory.

andy34 10 2004 6:34PM

Martin -- How do you delete the default images that you don't want? It doesn't seem to want to let me do that from the phone.

Adam44 10 200410:44PM

Are you with T-Mobile? For $20 extra a month you can throw unlimited Internet service on top of your phone package. Mike Buzzard taught me this trick, and now anywhere I can get a phone signal (i.e. most anywhere) I have Web access. Sweet! Getting the configuration scripts to work the first time was a little kludgy, but I've been happy for months now.

I'm generally delighted with the T610, though (a) the camera does indeed suck, so badly that I simply don't use it and (b) it surely is a magnet for fingerprints, as someone pointed out above. I use the cheapie little leatherette case T-Mobile sells (at, yes, some ridiculous markup) and I've been fine.

It's a neat little phone. I still wish it were a little more Ericsson, a little less Sony, but that's just me.

Martin38 11 2004 2:38AM

Andy - you can only delete some of them, not all of them. Same goes for the tunes and the games.

Martin37 13 200411:37AM

And another thing: I'd love to get my hands on the guy who thought it would be a good idea to store sent SMS messages in the T610's "sent items" folder, but forgot to put an option in *not* to save sent items.

I'm fed up having to clear out my sent box every four or five days because I get "SMS memory almost full" alerts.

Bruce McKenzie04 13 2004 4:04PM

Thanks for the link to my blog Jason. I was amused to find these comments attached to your link to my article, rather than to the article itself; I guess a comment on carries more prestige ;-)

Shawn, the built-in e-mail client works well with Vodafone Mail in the UK; it's even better paired with VersaMail on the Palm (; use the same settings.

Yes, the camera won't replace even a 0.3 megapixel £30 digicam (sample images at, but then it's not meant to. But you can e-mail T610 pics direct to a contact in the phone's address book (without going via the built-in e-mail client) and that's pretty cool! For example, on a recent trip to NYC we sent our parents (almost) live "Here we are at the Statue of Liberty" type postcards.

Cheers, Bruce

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