Loaf is attempting to use social networks  MAR 19 2004

Loaf is attempting to use social networks to make email a little more useful. In essence, your email program can ask each incoming email, "hey, do I know this person or any of her friends?" without completely destroying anyone's privacy.

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Maciej Ceglowski17 19 2004 9:17PM

Actually, the question Loaf asks is "do any of my friends know this person?". Because anyone can lie about who their friends are, but not everyone can talk your friends into corroborating the lie. And a person that persuasive is probably worth knowing anyway.

Lode35 20 2004 4:35AM

I've always tought I'd be great to link SpamAssassin to Orkut, Friendster and the likes (not that I'm a member of any of these services.. I really ought to meet some people who can invite me ;)), and give negative spam scores to people that are close to you in your social network. The closer they are, the smaller the chance they are sending spam.

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