Kidz Bop 5 features children singing Outkast and Beyonce songs  MAR 03 2004

Kidz Bop 5 features children singing Outkast and Beyonce songs. I'm afraid to listen to this.

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Maria54 03 2004 3:54PM

What a sick concept. I listened to a few tracks using Rhapsody (free trial) and I'm simply stunned. Spooner pretty much sums up my thoughts.

margaret45 03 2004 5:45PM

to anyone who has watched children's television in the past several years, and seen the commercials for these products, Kidz Bop is a perpetual joke. Why in hell would anyone want to listen to some middle aged failed folk singer/children's entertainer and a bunch of scary kids sing today's "hits" to terrible backing music? the concept is bizarre, but somehow they're still in business.

Prankster in Seattle43 03 2004 8:43PM

Muahahaha, time to grab some mp3s of these songs and associate them with various windows actions on my roommate's computer :)

Kidz Bop covering Britney Spears everytime he clicks on a menu. Brilliant!

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