Get you own reBlog  MAR 09 2004

Get you own reBlog. For those bloggers that "prefer curating content to writing original posts".

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linkblogger25 09 2004 1:25PM

Sad how us linkbloggers have been ghettoized. The original blogs were collections of links, y'know. Hence "web log", rather than "web journal". Sniff sniff harrumph.

omit27 09 2004 1:27PM

Linkbloggers trump about 80-90% of the original content being produced.

ernie47 10 200410:47AM

yes but are you still a 'lowly' linkblogger if you intersperse stolen links with heartfelt, original thoughts like

"Monday 9:12pm - I know I've been blogging a lot of animal hoarding stories but Fark has been posting some good ones lately."

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