Former runway fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi has  MAR 24 2004

Former runway fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi has a chat/variety show on the Oxygen network.

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DJ27 25 200412:27PM

I've loved this show for ever. I have been known to openly giggle as I'm watching. Isaac is always excited about the person he's talking with and what they are doing together. I really like how they do a variety of things together like go to a second-hand store, wash a dog, or draw naked men. It's all very entertaining.

Chris Bull22 23 2004 4:22PM

As a single woman with a highly demanding and stressful job, I find that Isaac's show always relaxes me. I believe he genuinely enjoys the people & activities, and his enjoyment of these truly important things in life( people, pets, cupcakes), makes me smile.


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