First look at Microsoft's blog search engine  MAR 27 2004

First look at Microsoft's blog search engine. Is everyone who does blog "search" going to get it wrong?

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Donato39 27 200411:39AM

I'm sure microsoft will give it a good go ;-)

rob33 28 2004 5:33PM

And I'm sure it will overbloated crap, like pretty much everything else they make.

John54 28 2004 5:54PM

Overbloated? Is it possible to be "properly bloated" then? Regardless, yeah, it will probably be crap, but crap with a lot of resources behind it is what drives the tech industry.

Subzero Blue40 02 2004 4:40AM

Well even though I'm not usually a Microsoft basher, but man this looks like crap.

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