Are each pair of people friends or enemies?  MAR 02 2004

Are each pair of people friends or enemies?.

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Shane Cavanaugh20 02 200411:20PM

So who are the friends and who are the enemies?

donald tetto05 03 200412:05AM

There's no telling. This is absolutely fascinating sociologically, I think.

Kottke: were you tipped off to this from the Dove-soap feature of women photographers? I've been sending the same page around to my friends (pity the images are so low-res though) ever since seeing it therein the other day. This would be a great study for researches to do (compare people's guesses to what the students have reported).

And does Michael have no friends or no enemies?

Shane Bonham00 03 2004 1:00AM

Perhaps Michael is his own worst enemy?

Mathew30 03 2004 1:30AM

or his own best friend

gogol1344 03 2004 7:44AM

i'm thinking they're all friends, cuz the way it's framed, like why would you take a picture with your enemy? besides it's all random anyway until you know their backstory.

Andrew Hughey39 03 2004 9:39AM

Or he has an imaginary best friend.

Ben12 03 200411:12AM

I saw an article that mentioned that the person who Michael selected for the photo shoot declined to show up. I don't know if that gives away the answer to that one or not...

Chris Glass50 04 2004 4:50AM

I was also fond of another series by this photographer where she took a random pair of women from church and captured the same mix of characters and relationships. They had some really nice hats.

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