Apple industrial design photos from out-of-print AppleDesign by Paul Kunkel  MAR 08 2004

Apple industrial design photos from out-of-print AppleDesign by Paul Kunkel.

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anthony26 08 2004 6:26PM

angelfire tos'ed already. :(

Roland50 08 2004 6:50PM

I have that book. It's pretty amazing to see what might have been - there are 20th Anniversary Mac-ish prototypes that were pretty amazing. It's also cool to see how much thought went into details most people took for granted.

andy16 08 200410:16PM

would anyone be interested in mirroring it again?

Brad17 08 200410:17PM

I once had occasion to speak with Mr. Kunkel, and he told me all sorts of great stories about things he found in the Apple archives. I think he later went on to do a similar project for Sony (they asked "How on earth did a book like that come out about Apple before anyone made a book like that about us?!" to which Mr. Kunkel replied "Um... I actually approached you guys first. You weren't interested.") Interesting guy.

idogcow12 10 2004 4:12PM

Borrowed this book from UCLA inter-library loan. Majour eye candy (or is that iCandy?)

Graham Hicks28 12 2004 2:28PM

You can buy the book through bookfinder (although $260 is a bit steep). There's also a used one on amazon for $100.

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