1998 New Yorker profile of Victoria Gallegos, top  MAR 08 2004

1998 New Yorker profile of Victoria Gallegos, top Prada salesperson, moved $2 million in one year. This woman could sell (very expensive) ice to (very rich) Eskimos.

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rg38 08 200412:38PM

A New Yorker profile moved $2M?

Peter46 08 200412:46PM

that amounts to what? a handbag and a pair of shoes? :)

eg34 08 2004 1:34PM


nakedgremlin34 08 2004 1:34PM

I did a double take when I realized this was back in 1998. I wonder what Ms. Gallegos is up to now...

nakedgremlin37 08 2004 1:37PM

Wow. eg just answered my question with fervor.

ernie37 08 2004 1:37PM

True story: One of the marketing execs I work with paid his college tuition by driving an ice cream truck in Anchorage for a few years.

christine50 08 200410:50PM

shortly after leaving prada, she began working for a modeling agency, which she subsequently sued over smoking in the workplace and won more than $5million in damages.

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