100 movies that deserve more love  MAR 25 2004

100 movies that deserve more love.

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jennifer12 25 2004 4:12PM

I love that that site's URL is www.chud.com. I wonder whether it's an allusion to this movie?

gwint30 25 2004 4:30PM

He's definitely got some underrated films in there but he's also picked some truly terrible films. I'll mention just one: "Night Falls on Manahttan" is just a pure stinker. It has a bunch of great actors forced to recite terribly clich├ęd dialog, move around a nonsensical plot, and Andy Garcia at his most dull and charisma-less.

dowingba21 25 2004 6:21PM

A Simple Plan was crappy. The book was awesome though; I read it in one sitting.

Chester Phillips50 25 2004 7:50PM


Robert Josiah Bingaman35 25 2004 9:35PM

gwint - you're right, movies like the peacemaker and she's the one belong elsewhere, but i love the idea of such a list. these are basically the type of movies we all have a long list of - movies we wouldn't be caught in most conversations defending, but we love to watch when we're flipping channels, and will always hold a special place for. chester, you make me laugh abruptly.

barnes24 25 200410:24PM

There are quite a few films listed in there that are simply terrible, but the thing I find really interesting is how many of those films were mass-market targeted but turned into flops because they were actually bad in a really meaningful way. I read through the list thinking "I remember how that movie was pitched, I remember how different it was from the marketing, and I remember how bad it was in reality." It feels like historical revisionism.

Also, with regard to the doormat: you could actually buy a new doormat, or clean the one you have. The super may actually have something better to do.

jkottke18 25 200411:18PM

We've veered off course here, but we can't disappoint all the doormat fans out there.

You could actually buy a new doormat, or clean the one you have. The super may actually have something better to do.

It's not my doormat, it's the building's. And something better to do? He's the super....it's part of his fucking job to keep the building clean.

omit17 26 200412:17AM

What about cheese sandwiches?

donth24 26 2004 2:24AM

Of the ones I've seen:

very good: gremlins 2, hudsucker proxy (2nd best coen bros. movie), Jesus' Son, 25th Hour, Ed Wood, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (v. good choice), Top Secret, Contact, Gattaca.

ok: antz, atlantis, james and the giant peach, Equilibrium, Stir of Echoes, Iron Giant, l.a. story, rounders, casino, gods & monsters, winslow boy, A Simple Plan.

bad: cable guy, temple of doom, money pit.

"Society" looks interesting, I might rent it.

user37 26 2004 3:37AM

MT is my doormat.
I sympathise.

AdrianR17 26 2004 8:17AM

Yes, there are some very very good choices in this list:

I'd have to say my favourite calls were:

1) 25th Hour
2) Contact
3) And The Band Played On
4) Southern Comfort
5) Mosquito Coast

Personally, the most underated movies that aren't on this list are:

1) The Last Temptation of Christ
2) The Thing
3) You Can Count On Me
4) Donnie Darko
5) Dazed and Confused
6) Moving

Steve S.57 26 2004 8:57AM

The Iron Giant was amazing and Warner Brother's didn't promote it all. It's no wonder Brad Bird got fed up and decided to make his next movie for Pixar: The Incredibles.

Homer07 26 2004 9:07AM

Don't you hate pants?

Larry David09 26 2004 9:09AM

I love the doormat thing. I'm going to use it.

Pierce25 26 2004 9:25AM

Adrian, Donnie Darko isn't underrated. No one will shut up about it, good as it was. Neither is the Thing really. Underrated I mean.

AdrianR36 26 2004 9:36AM

Pierce, actually I do stand corrected on your points re: Donnie Darko, even though few people have heard of the movie when I mention it, but I understand it's cult following. I still feel the The Thing generally is underrated compared to other movie's in it's genre.

Another movie out there that I forgot to mention is Cube.

Pierce45 26 2004 9:45AM

I'd agree with you on Cube.
I'd also add Mallrats, Igby Goes Down and Twelve Monkeys to the list. I'm sure there's many that would disagree with me there.

Of course the whole underrated/overrated thing is subjective though. It differs from country to country and from group to group. I mean, most of my friends have seen Donnie Darko. It's certainly not underrated among people I know. But of course it could be in other circles.

AdrianR49 26 2004 9:49AM

Twelve Monkeys - great choice! Forgot about that one.

Tomas54 26 2004 9:54AM

I'm of the opinion that Equilibrium deserves a lot less love.

Pierce15 26 200410:15AM

Much like White Ninja's dog.

nkw39 26 200410:39AM

I've seen 44 of the 100- what does this say about me? I am impressed at how many screencaps this guy took. A lot of work went into this. My fave from the list (in no order): Contact, The Ref, Top Secret!, Hudsucker Proxy, Miami Blues, The Money Pit.

nkw39 26 200410:39AM

I've seen 44 of the 100- what does this say about me? I am impressed at how many screencaps this guy took. A lot of work went into this. My fave from the list (in no order): Contact, The Ref, Top Secret!, Hudsucker Proxy, Miami Blues, The Money Pit.

Taylor Garries24 26 200411:24AM

I was disappointed that I didn't see "The Royal Tenenbaums" on the list.

Snatch34 26 200411:34AM

Have to agree on The Last Temptation of Christ - definitely needs love.

david02 26 2004 1:02PM

Regarding the doormat, all I have to say is that Rebecky would have included a picture. But maybe Jason doesn't have a camera...

Chester Phillips17 26 2004 1:17PM

He could have used his awesome T610 camera phone that he blogged about just a few weeks ago. DUH! Keep up on your Kottke gadget knowledge!

drew27 26 2004 3:27PM

Dude, I want to know more about your doormat. Please, give me the good stuff!

Chuck D.09 26 2004 5:09PM

You should start a hunger strike until the doormat is replaced. You should not be forced to live in a place that stands for dirty doormats!!!

barnes45 26 2004 6:45PM

I suspect that all of this doormat talk is being frowned upon by the higher-ups.

jjg41 26 2004 7:41PM

Seems to me there are two sets of criteria that could be applied here:

1. Movies that are better than most people think they are, such as Gremlins 2. The term I'd use for these is "underrated".
2. Good movies that most people have not heard of, such as Rounders. The term I'd use for these is "overlooked".

But then there are a bunch of movies that don't fit in either category. Any movie that gets the level of attention that Casino or Contact got upon release can't possibly be considered "overlooked". And any movie that has the kind of cult following that The Hudsucker Proxy or The Iron Giant have can't possibly be considered "underrated".

Maybe the piece should have been called "Good Movies I Felt Like Writing About".

Robert J. Bingaman54 29 200412:54AM

jig -

Actually I believe the central criterea to the list was "movies that deserve more love". This is only the title of the list though, I could be completely wrong. So, that said, although there are plenty of the movies on the list that I don't like, or may believe have enough attention - its pretty silly for me to sit around articulating exactly why this list is not correct - since it isn't my list, and afterall, its just a list...about movies that those two guys think 'deserve more love'. With that in mind - I think all the movies mentioned probably fit into that category.

Jeremiah42 29 200412:42PM

I agree with many of the selections on the list (I actually looked for Gattaca and The Edge--heh), but I'm sorry--I think The Cable Guy was utterly horrible. That was, for me, the worst selection on here. If anything, far from being more loved, The Cable Guy should be kicked out on the streets, get addicted to crack, and end up in a dumpster in some forgotten alley.

Oh, and speak of the devil, I got a new doormat the other day! Heh.

Stephen37 04 2004 7:37PM

73. Beautiful Girls - "... a nice little cult film that most of the guys we know hold very dearly."

So true.

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