Top global brands of 2003: Google, Apple, Mini, Coca-Cola, and Samsung  FEB 03 2004

Top global brands of 2003: Google, Apple, Mini, Coca-Cola, and Samsung.

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hdtv51 03 2004 1:51PM

I always think of Mini-Cooper as a BMW brand... not as Mini...

Jerry Kindall53 03 2004 6:53PM

Samsung? Wow. I've been impressed with their products and the value thereof, but not so much with their marketing.

Kip Ingram04 04 200412:04AM

The motion picture The Italian Job totally made the Mini-Cooper for me. Minis rule!

Dave L35 04 2004 3:35PM

You know, the fact that people now say "Googling" instead of searching kind of freaks me out. I mean, I know that a majority (something like 99%) of searching on the web is either done via Google or a Google powered site ... but it just freaks me out ... signs I am getting OLD.

Martin57 05 200412:57AM

I've never, ever heard of "Mini".

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