The World Mood Chart  FEB 25 2004

The World Mood Chart.

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Leif39 25 2004 8:39AM

I get the Valentine's Day spike, but what happened on Feb. 6?

Leif42 25 2004 8:42AM

This is the only thing I had on my site for that date that might be relevant: Music Industry Raids Kazaa Offices. Heh.

barnes22 25 2004 9:22AM

The reason it's lower today is because users can hit the site repeatedly and skew the score. Which I just did.

Dave42 25 2004 3:42PM

You mean it takes into account changing moods? Sounds like a feature.

James Roberts29 26 2004 2:29AM

There was that Moscow suicide bombing that killed quite a few people on February 6.

spygeek57 26 2004 7:57AM

Cool homepage...I gave my brother that book for Christmas.

Leif20 26 2004 9:20AM

Ahhhhh, that's right. Thanks, James.

barnes32 26 200411:32AM

I spoke too soon. My attempt to make the world gloomier on the 25th was been subverted by happy people.

Damn dirty apes!

Leif23 26 200412:23PM

I now think it's full of it, anyway. I'm not even sure that our entries have any real influence on it. I mean, look at the site it's on. Click on "Change Your Life NOW!" for a good laugh.

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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