The second season of Six Feet Under on DVD June 8  FEB 15 2004

The second season of Six Feet Under on DVD June 8. Woo!

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Dr. Dowell26 15 2004 6:26PM

Thank god, those fucking bastards. I have been holding my groin for what seemed like years for season two, after a unexpected weekend binge of the first season.

I would have signed up for HBO, except it would have jumped me into season 3 or 4 right? What the hell is thier problem.... bastards.

jkottke39 15 2004 6:39PM

HBO has been showing reruns of season three...I think they start another batch in a couple of weeks. If you cable company offers HBO On Demand, you can start watching season two in the first week of March.

Simon20 16 2004 3:20AM

Why are they *so* *slow* bringing these out. It's as if they don't want my money...

c_cinq03 16 2004 5:03PM

for those of us who don't pay for cable, the waiting equates to torture.

Anthony14 17 2004 5:14PM

Yeah...waaaaay overdue. I'd actually get HBO if I could catch up with the Sopranos and Six Feet Under before the next seasons start but these tardy DVD releases are keepin' me down.

John59 24 2004 1:59PM

I woke today to find a notification in my box that SEASON 2 will be out in June!
Lets start RIGHT NOW to pester them for season 3!

Tanya26 24 2004 4:26PM

is season 2 supposed to be aired on HBO this march 2004. I am dying to see the second season, I am so addicted to the first its sickening. I will order HBO just so i can watch that awesome show

Ina12 15 200410:12AM

Am I crazy!!! Why is HBO Six Feet Under which is what I thought a new season, running reruns from last year? Wasn't it supposed to start a new season the night it broke with Soprano's following. Are they planning to go into new ones at what week? Please email me directly as I don't come to this site, I was trying to find out why they are reruns on a new season. It's so damn disappointing!!!! Thanks...Ina

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