Since no one in their right mind  FEB 25 2004

Since no one in their right mind would want to move from NYC to San Mateo, some lucky designer will have to take this job at Six Apart instead of me.

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Stephen30 25 200410:30AM

A dream job. Look at that specification. I weep for my geographical inadequacies...

matt58 25 200411:58AM

Why would anyone "in their right mind" want to live in either city?

Anil57 25 2004 1:57PM

Oh sure, like we'd hire you. Past. His. Prime.

jkottke29 25 2004 2:29PM

The truth hurts worse than I thought it would.

Stefan Jones39 25 2004 2:39PM

If you're on the fence on this one:

Last I checked, San Mateo's downtown streets featured parking meters which took pennies. Three minutes per cent.

That always struck me as really cool.

Anil39 25 2004 3:39PM

"The truth hurts worse than I thought it would."

Have you considered using this to replace "Undesign" or "home of fine hypertext..." as your new tagline?

jkottke01 25 2004 5:01PM

New tagline next week: "I have failed."

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