Pronunciation guide for UNIX  FEB 02 2004

Pronunciation guide for UNIX.

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bob11 02 2004 5:11PM

'interrobang' == best

V36 02 2004 5:36PM

asterslash = a post-guns'n'roses side project? slashterix is pretty cool too...

Russ Harlan14 02 2004 9:14PM

As a Mac guy who only learned Unix with the birth of OS X, I've long wondered... but been too sheepish to ask:

How do you pronounce "tcsh"?

And what about "sudo"?

r23 02 2004 9:23PM

t-shell, sue-doe

Russ Harlan31 02 2004 9:31PM

Hm. Thanks for the response. I have heard people say sudo as "sue-doo" as in "superuser do". Sue-doe made more sense to me, as in psuedo.(nym)

Seth07 02 200411:07PM

I've also heard "tcsh" pronounced "teesh" (and "csh" as "seesh"), but they're in the minority. It's been suggested that "tcsh" ought to be pronounced "You really ought to switch to bash now that it has programmable completion.", but it's a little unwieldy.

r18 02 200411:18PM

bash completion sux0rs

dowingba37 02 200411:37PM

Programmers aren't meant to talk to others orally. Herein lies the problem.

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