Photos of NYC in the 70s by Allan Tannenbaum  FEB 10 2004

Photos of NYC in the 70s by Allan Tannenbaum.

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Aaron29 10 2004 9:29PM

Love those photos. Some of John Lennon, very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Justin36 10 2004 9:36PM

Hey, look: there's more where that came from.

(I couldn't find a main index page that links to these.)

roy24 11 2004 3:24PM

Unbelievable... was the world really a much simpler place back then? It seems so...

dollarblog43 11 200411:43PM

Yep. The 70's looked like a lot of fun. Disco, Rock, Art, Protest.. What do we get now.... Janet Jackson's nipple...

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