Nuts for trucks  FEB 16 2004

Nuts for trucks. HOTTT REAR BUMPER NUDITY!!!

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dowingba53 16 2004 1:53AM

Man I hope I never see a truck with those on it. I'll be forced to destroy them. And the truck.

bob59 16 2004 9:59AM

well, welcome to texas. i've seen mor than one pair of those down here.

Chris06 16 2004 4:06PM

Yes, I have seen several in here Texas as well...and sadly enough there is more than one place that sells them trucknutz

Stefan Jones59 16 2004 5:59PM

Don't these fools know that neutered trucks are less aggressive and don't wander around as much?

Karl02 16 2004 6:02PM

Just as tacky and wrong as the trucks they are attached to...

ChicagoTex34 16 2004 7:34PM

Seriously? Argh, well, as much as I don't want to admit it, yes, I could see people putting these things on their trucks back home (Texas). (Are these the same people who put "Ain't Skeered" on the back of their windows? Heh.)

ChicagoTex38 16 2004 7:38PM

Heh, the idea of castration never seemed like so much fun before.

daveg33 16 2004 8:33PM

I too have seen many of these in Texas.

bob03 17 2004 1:03AM

so is this just a texas problem or what? because i'm going to be upset if it is.

terence11 17 2004 3:11AM

i've seen those here in L.A., thought it was the lamest thing i had ever seen on a vehicle.

wfrazerjr47 17 2004 9:47PM

Most trucks owners are forced to purchase them as a compensation for their own tragic lack of sac.

Leif27 18 2004 1:27AM

lol What is all this stuff against people who own trucks? I grew up on a ranch and I assure you we couldn't have survived without them. Or are you referring to people who live in places like here in downtown Chicago who own them? Rest assured that I certainly would never have put nuts on my truck, though (heck, I don't even own a vehicle anymore--I take the trains).

Les Jones34 19 2004 2:34PM

Seen them? In Tennessee they've been around at least two years, and the truck balls back then were home-made. It looked like tennis balls in burlap.

truck accessories12 19 2004 5:12PM

You can get these nuts powder coated and made of aluminum. these are the best ones out there

bricky-brack n bait18 10 2004 8:18AM

I think they are hilarious. We've got the nuts with wrinkles and one nut hangs lower than the other.

weight loss medications15 06 200410:15AM

I heard of weight loss but where did the body go?

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