New movie reviews from Ebert and Roeper  FEB 18 2004

New movie reviews from Ebert and Roeper. "Our thumbs are higher than I was that day!"

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KJC59 18 2004 4:59PM

I was about to comment how I think I'm the only person on the web who finds McSweeney's not the least bit funny, when the last hot dog thumbs-up entry just cracked me up...

Joe32 19 2004 1:32AM

The only other McSweeney bit I've read is "Quotes from either President Bush or Senator Palpatine" and that one wasn't funny either.

Berge47 20 2004 7:47AM

In the three months I was in the States last year, I observed that Ebert's grades are over 2. "Thumbs up" is 1/2 and "two thumbs up" is 2/2.

KJC26 20 200410:26AM

I thought "two thumbs up" meant both Ebert *and* Roeper like the movie (not Roger with both his thumbs in the air)?

Berge59 21 200412:59AM

Oh, I never thought that. Then I guess we can assume Roeper is a meaner critic than Ebert? :)

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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