Meet the animals of the London Underground  FEB 20 2004

Meet the animals of the London Underground. Fun Tube map constellations

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Scott Berkun01 20 2004 6:01PM

Funny - when I saw this, I thought it was about this

Real tube animals

Which I came across in research for a book I'm working on.

Berge33 21 2004 5:33AM

Hey, I figured out a snake from Istanbul's metro map, shown in red here. Not bad, not bad.

Leif39 21 2004 4:39PM

Heh, I tried to figure out one using the Chicago rail system. Unfortunately, nothing really connects except in the Loop so making pictures is kind of out of the question.

Donato01 22 2004 4:01PM

now i know why people just stare at the maps on the london underground now ;-)

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