Matt Webb's Etech presentation on Glancing  FEB 12 2004

Matt Webb's Etech presentation on Glancing. I'm OK, you're OK.

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florian40 12 200410:40AM

glancing ? mmmh, might be the most useless part of software I have ever seen, funny yes, and a bit scary ( lots of animated eyes watching me work ...shudder ) yes, useful....

MacDara07 12 200412:07PM

Nah, I can see its usefulness, definitely. It takes the intentionality out of instant messaging - working on a collaborative project, you might want to see how your colleagues are doing, but not get into a full-on conversation with them (even idle small talk is effort-consuming -- you're committing yourself to a conversation even if it's just a 'hey how are ya?').

As a standalone application, however, it is flimsy - it would be better as a plug-in or something for pre-existing software, or as an update.

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