Make your LiveJournal into a book  FEB 03 2004

Make your LiveJournal into a book. Where's the MT plugin for this?

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Armand05 03 2004 3:05PM

...and TypePad too, please.

Brian04 03 2004 4:04PM

well here is my question. if we could convert these all to pdf? couldn't we have a plugin that made pDF versions of each entry, (assuming you wnated this, or each week), and then distribute them in a similar manner to Howard Dean's text-blog idea.

gogol1359 03 2004 6:59PM

or you could just do what mimi smartypants did on diaryland and get a book contract.

mendel24 03 200410:24PM

Just give these nice strangers your LiveJournal username and password, and... hey, wait a minute!

boxx10 04 200411:10PM

Type pad is M.T. is it not?

A pdf convert would be cool, as long as it represented what your sight looks like, as opposed to just the text of mtentry and comments. If you just wanted mtentry text couldn't you do something with the export file?

izb32 05 2004 4:32AM

I've managed to get a PDF of my MT blog generated using this...

It takes a little PHP coding and some MySQL queries but it isn't too hard.

Firas12 05 2004 8:12AM

LJ-based sites export CSV or XML files for your entries... what does MT do?

markpasc34 13 2004 4:34PM

The lj_nifty thread on Blogbinders covered the giving your username and password pretty well.

It might be easy to PDF your weblog as it looks on the web with Mac OS X's ability to print to PDF.

MT's Import/Export exports in a particular custom format, or you can republish your site in any format for which you care to make a template, or you can make a Perl script that uses MT's object API to do whatever you like.

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