List of things that are the new black  FEB 21 2004

List of things that are the new black.

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Patrick36 21 2004 9:36AM

if you do nothing else, look up death.

Matthew41 21 2004 1:41PM

hey, fun! My band got listed (Blatt is the New Black).

Matthew43 21 2004 1:43PM

sadly, my domain ( was not listed for "orange". I find this to he a horrible injustice.

Firas04 21 2004 2:04PM

#000000 is the new black.

Wade42 21 2004 7:42PM

Or #111 if you have one of those new black monitors.

Joe37 22 200412:37AM

I have to agree with Andrew. #000 is the new black. #000000 would be the old black.

Brad44 22 2004 3:44PM

I thought African-American was the new Black.

bob sarabia07 23 2004 1:07AM

i'd say "black" was the new black. since you can use color names in css. got ya!

donald tetto44 23 2004 6:44AM

Actually, I'd say "black" is quite possibly the oldest black, because the earliest Netscapes and IE's supported rudimentary color names in tags (in a terribly inefficient should-it-be-"salmon"-or-"blue-gray" type of manner). My vote is for #000.

Firas19 23 200411:19AM

So that I don't feel ravaged by guilt for the rest of my life, I'll mention that I got it from this guy.

Sam56 23 2004 3:56PM

2004 is the new 2003.

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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