Kelly Heaton's Live Pelt  FEB 15 2004

Kelly Heaton's Live Pelt. A woman's coat made from 64 Tickle Me Elmos "trapped" on eBay.

There are 9 reader comments

Alex59 15 2004 1:59PM

Does the coat make cute noises when you squeeze it?

Jason38 15 2004 4:38PM

Yes, does. It also vibrates.

phil57 15 2004 4:57PM

truly amazing.

R.22 15 2004 5:22PM

Apparently she had enough material left over to fashion a merkin as well.

jake07 15 2004 7:07PM

oh the humanity!

sarah06 15 200410:06PM

This is the kind of art that makes other people think that all artists are out of touch with reality.

ernie01 16 200411:01AM

Of course in Sweden the government would have paid for the whole endeavor, and her rent too.

amanda37 16 200412:37PM

Hooray for Sweden!

Tom29 17 200411:29AM

How much for the merkin?

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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