iTunes Music Store selling at least 9 songs  FEB 05 2004

iTunes Music Store selling at least 9 songs of complete silence for 99 cents apiece. Three of which are labeled "explicit".

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gwint06 05 200411:06AM

Even more impressive considering they don't sell any John Cage.

Jason04 05 200412:04PM

So what's the sound of one hand clapping? I don't know, but the iTMS is charging .99 a piece for it. hahaha

Matt Haughey49 05 200412:49PM

Amazing. I bought one of these (Guster) when I purchased an album last month. I had to do a double take after I listened a few times, that one of the tracks was actually silent and called "silence".

Is the iTMS encoding the secret hidden track silences as a separate track accidentally?

ChicagoTex33 05 2004 9:33PM

Darn it, gwint beat me to it. :)

neils27 06 2004 1:27PM

beat me to it as well. hope none of them get sued though.

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