How to manage smart people  FEB 03 2004

How to manage smart people.

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Paul37 03 2004 5:37PM

Great story, thanks for linking to it so I could find it!
I've had an open management style for several years.
The drill sargent style wasn't working for me and it was more stressful.

denise39 04 2004 2:39AM

the first time i managed a group they started calling me "coach" and not in a good way. excellent article. i've since developed a more open style and everyone is happier.

spygeek02 04 200410:02AM

My boss could really use this article...unfortunately, the general atmosphere at my (large, corporate) employer smothers talent. No stars allowed! As a coworker likes to say, "the tallest nail gets pounded down first."

ernie51 04 200411:51AM

I'm not very smart but yet I feel these very same techniques would be received warmly by my similarly dim colleagues in my workgroup. Perhaps this knowlege is more universal than once thoughtted!

Dave L32 04 2004 3:32PM

I would love to read an article about how to be managed by dumb people. And not something illustrated with Dibert.

rebecca37 06 2004 3:37PM

scott berkun completely kicks ass. he's a smart guy and i've learned a great deal from him (and selfishly wished him to stay at ms). thanks for the link to the article, i don't always keep up with my reading.

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