GarageBand Karaoke  FEB 05 2004

GarageBand Karaoke.

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Eamon06 06 2004 4:06PM

Or, just go out and buy a copy of "Karaoke Revolution" for the Playstation 2. Sick, sick fun-- the game actually has a pitch meter in it, so as the song progresses, concert-goers within the game cheer or boo accordingly. If you really suck, your fans throw up their hands and walk away. If everyone walks, your turn is over. The best feature? You choose the first two songs, but the computer randomly selects the third. It's a fabulous equalizer when someone in the room actually has talent.

The only thing it's lacking? Online play. I guaran-fricking-tee the first company to release a networked multiplayer karaoke game is going to rake in some serious cash.

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