Design Observer on the decline of the American magazine cover  FEB 20 2004

Design Observer on the decline of the American magazine cover.

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Jason Heiser14 20 200412:14PM

The quality of magazine cover design isn't the only thing to be dragged down by celebrity glam. Think movie posters. Virtually all contemporary movie posters are hack Photoshop jobs where a bunch of actors' heads are smooshed together into a "composition." Even when an occasionally creative design comes along (Kevin Costner's silhouetted figure hiding in a doorway for "Open Range" was sublimely rendered) it is redone in ugly, tacky fashion for its DVD release. The studio marketing deparments must have a design mandate that actors be instantly recognizable at 50 paces on the DVD shelf at Wal-mart. "We paid $20 million for that guy! Make his head bigger!"

nkw41 20 200412:41PM

I agree completely. Far too many movie posters feature photos of the stars taken separately, then 'shopped together. In the worst cases, the characters seem to be staring in random directions and are clearly not interacting. How hard is it to get the stars to pose together?

Dave14 20 2004 3:14PM

That is a great poster. Reminds me a lot of this album cover.

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