Coke and Pepsi providing something for everyone  FEB 23 2004

Coke and Pepsi providing something for everyone with their micro-niche soft drinks. Coke Grovestand and Cool-Ranch Pepsi. Mmm.

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Stefan Jones05 23 2004 7:05PM

How about Moxie, or Ginger Beer? We need those more than Mango 7-Up.

Todd W.10 24 200412:10PM

I didn't realize this was the NYer's humor article until about 4 paragraphs in. Cola marketing is where branding most pointedly becomes self-satire.

u07ch46 24 2004 5:46PM

Funny thing; i was at club med in december where it was serve yourself at teh drinks fountain. I actually liked 50% diet 50% full fat coke ... so mid coke has at least one customer

spygeek18 25 200411:18AM

So I'm not the only one who calls it "full fat coke" even though there's no fat in it. hmmm.

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