Cigarette lighter for your PC  FEB 09 2004

Cigarette lighter for your PC. Fits right into a drive bay.

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James Grimmelmann03 10 200412:03AM

So now you can charge your laptop from your car's cigarette lighter, and then plug a cigarette lighter into your laptop.

(And then, presumably, plug another laptop into the cigarette lighter, plug a lighter into it, and so on. It's laptops and lighters all the way down.)

sam30 12 200412:30PM

Not to put a spanner in the works, but I don't think laptops have standard ATX power connectors kicking around inside, never mind 5 1/4" drive bays.

I'm wondering whether they'll also make USB cancer diagnostic kits :>

Eric Scheid55 12 2004 6:55PM

Do they also have Cup Holders for your PC?

James Grimmelmann10 12 2004 7:10PM

Yeah, shoulda looked more closely at the lighter.

Okay. Plug a desktop PC into your car's cigarette lighter, then plug a lighter into its drive bay, another desktop into that lighter, and so on.

And as for a cup holder, just open up the CD-ROM drive.

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