Basecamp is a new web-based project management tool by 37signals  FEB 05 2004

Basecamp is a new web-based project management tool by 37signals.

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any good php programmer53 05 2004 3:53PM

Perfect, now we can all get a free trial and steal all their good ideas.

soulonice17 05 2004 4:17PM

one thing i noticed immediately was that it "felt" a lot like Typepad. i wonder if it was designed by the same folks.

any good business person19 05 2004 4:19PM

Of course, it's not the idea, it's the execution.

any good business person II44 05 2004 7:44PM

Exactly, it's in the execution. Plenty of good ideas die because the people who implement them don't get it. I trust 37s to get it.

chash35 07 2004 4:35PM

A smart design and interface, but the features are somewhat lacking -- this is more or less weblog software with to-do list and "milestone" features attached. There's nothing that really sets up any sort of real project schedule, nor anything that helps with billing etc. Good, but not sure if it's worth the $20 per month fee.

soulonice13 07 2004 6:13PM

I actually emailed the folks at Basecamp a host of other useful "would-like-to-see" items, they seem pretty receptive. It is my understanding that they are taking suggestions and will be implementing those features that have a greater appeal. I'm very interested in how robust the app will become because if my IT group doesn't have to build our own or pay an insane amount of money for something similar, it's all good.

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