Announcing the MTV plugin for Movable Type,  FEB 12 2004

Announcing the MTV plugin for Movable Type, inserts picture of Carson Daly into your blog.

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cdaily38 12 2004 9:38AM

I see this as a shameless attempt to capitalize on the celebrity of Carson Daily. It just plain stinks.

Mickey13 12 2004 1:13PM

This has so many uses, I totally nominate it for best app of 2004. A little early to make that claim, you might say? Blasphemy.

bob49 12 2004 1:49PM

this is a great idea...i guess....or something....whatever.

nicole bruni01 12 2004 2:01PM

All of that blog bruhaha last week about Moveable Type being of the devil: this confirms it.

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