Amazon wishlists now sortable by wish priority  FEB 23 2004

Amazon wishlists now sortable by wish priority. Priorities range from "must have" to "don't buy this for me".

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spygeek22 23 200411:22AM

Okay, that's pretty cool. I wish it had been in place this past Christmas, as my relatives bought everything except the one thing I really wanted. Then I had to feign happiness that all I got were books when I was thinking "why didn't you pool your money and buy me that iPod?"

jkottke43 23 200411:43AM

Heh...I had a bit of that experience as well.

Stefan Jones21 23 200412:21PM

My problem: Friends and relatives consult the wishlist, but don't actually use it to add things to their cart. So I don't know what might be on the way.

leon20 23 2004 4:20PM

Nice improvement but when will they allow us to have more than 1 "wish" list? It'd be nice to let users have multiple lists and make them either public or private with nice little title. I have some items that I'd like to remember but don't want my relatives buying for me. I've already received a gift that I wished I haden't. 8^)

sailoreagle53 24 200410:53AM

This is cool... been wanting the ability to sort my humongous wishlist for a while.
I agree that being able to have more than one wishlist would be nice... I use mine both as a "shopping list" and as a wishlist proper, with the result that it's enormous. Would be nice to be able to split it in two.
Another thing that would be nice to have (or to make more easily findable if it's already there, since I could not find it) is a page where all items in your wishlist are listed, each with a checkbox, and you can check checkboxes and hit a single "delete" button to remove all the checked items from your wishlist, rather than having to delete them one by one.

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