A list of the 350+ magazines recommended by  FEB 19 2004

A list of the 350+ magazines recommended by readers for my 52 magazines project.

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Ken Ponzio49 20 2004 3:49AM

Do you want to try "CUL DE SAC 24x30"? It's the magazine that I publish. Quarterly. About shape of things. About design. From Italy. There is a site too: www.culdesacmagazine.com .
Enjoy it.

Alex Wiltshire30 20 2004 5:30AM

(feeling very English and ashamed of such self promotion, but...) our magazine, icon is on the list and we're great. we do architecture and design and that. our website wasn't on Paul Nixon's list - have a look (it's also great) at www.icon-magazine.co.uk.

Vaska06 20 2004 9:06AM

speak magazine was on that list...but it's been out of print for some time...such a great magazine it's worth reading if you can find an old copy...i think maybe you can order them from their website...the editor, dan rolleri, says he's writing a book...something to look forward to for sure...

hey alex, say "hi" to elise...heh...

Trisignia53 20 200411:53AM

Icon is great. I picked that one up frequently when I was interning in London.

Frankenstein42 20 2004 2:42PM

It would have been more interesting if, instead of just being sorted alphabetically, it was sorted by the number of recommendations, or, perhaps, by genre...

jjg28 20 2004 4:28PM

Who's gonna break it to this guy that "Mad" and "Mad magazine" are the same thing?

Andrew20 20 2004 6:20PM

Here is a list of the magazines that received five or more nominations (totals in parentheses):
• Adbusters (7)
• Atlantic Monthly (7)
• The Believer (6)
• Cook's Illustrated (10)
• Dwell (6)
• The Economist (5)
• FOUND (6)
• Giant Robot (6)
• Harper's (6)
• McSweeney's (5)
• Mother Jones (7)
• NEST (6)
• Readymade (9)
• Rolling Stone (6)
• Sight and Sound (5)
• Wallpaper (6)
• The Wire (5)
Apparently Jason's readers think he needs to redecorate.

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