Winston Churchill's 104 year-old parrot is still alive  JAN 20 2004

Winston Churchill's 104 year-old parrot is still alive but no longer swearing about Hitler. Sending someone to Mars sounds more plausible

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Gordon43 21 200410:43AM

A friend emailed me about this on Monday - thanks for finally getting some real information - I thought she was pulling my leg!

jake48 21 200412:48PM

could that possible be for real? i mean, 104 years old is really old for a parrot.

raj54 21 2004 3:54PM

Churchill's daughter says its not true.,4386,231230,00.html

bob29 21 2004 7:29PM

if this isn't true, surely someone would have picked up on it besides his daughter? she says he never had a parrot that color or a parrot named "charlie". It seems odd to me that someone would try to pass off a parrot as his (for some unknown reason) but then be stupid enough to have a bird of the wrong color with a made up name...

Blake33 22 200410:33PM

Wow. Well if I was that old I doubt I'd wanna speak up when bothered.

ChicagoTex!42 23 2004 7:42AM

Bob, bob, you think too highly of people. Heh. As for myself, I still think it might be true.

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