Trailer for, Mel Gibson's Kill Christ  JAN 16 2004

Trailer for, Mel Gibson's Kill Christ.

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dj44 16 200411:44AM

This is good.

sarah47 16 200411:47AM

Estimated time before the first angry response: 2 m 54 s.

(I'm not angry.)

David07 16 200412:07PM

My angry response is that my Quicktime player doesn't play the clip properly. It's all slanty. Weird.

phil05 16 2004 1:05PM

heh. always amazed at what a soundtrack switch can conjure up.

Holden39 16 2004 4:39PM

Oy gevalt.

anthony41 16 2004 4:41PM

it pains me that i didn't think of this first. it is that good.

Mel18 17 2004 3:18PM

wtf, that song is mad stupid and inappropriate

Brian12 17 2004 7:12PM

Awww, poor Jesus.

sjc41 18 2004 1:41PM

Utterly fucking charming. Or, you know, not.

sennan20 19 2004 1:20AM

not as good as the Kill Father equilibrium-kill-bill-trailer:

Andrew09 20 2004 2:09AM

Dear God! WTF is he thinking? He hasn't seen the movie and yet he says that it protrays the Jews as Christ killers (even though they were the ones directly responsible for his death ultimately it was everyone's fault)

JUMBLO32 25 200412:32PM

awwwwH...I can't find the clip.............I WANT to see it.....
anyone know where it is?
I think it's only meant to be funny and a look at the spin you can put on trailers, how they can protray anything. I doubt it's an out and out attack on Mel Gibsons "hollywood" take on religion.

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