Starbucks opens its first store in Paris  JAN 15 2004

Starbucks opens its first store in Paris. In Paris, France, not in Paris Hilton.

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Joerg43 15 200412:43PM

How depressing.

raj56 15 200412:56PM

The best coffee I've ever had was in Paris. Even a cafe noir at any random brasserie was unbelievably tasty. I don't know how to make french-style coffee for myself.. anyone have some tips for an american down on his luck?

dan58 15 2004 1:58PM

You had to add 'Paris Hilton', didn't you?
Its not like you don't already get enough hits!


Stefan Jones18 15 2004 2:18PM


It involves a fertilized hen's egg, an old sock, and a hammer.

Are you sure you want to know?

lane21 15 2004 2:21PM

They are also opening their first store in Iowa this week. Not as glamourous as Paris, i know, but still...

bob08 15 2004 7:08PM

are you SURE it's not Paris Hilton?

Jon32 15 2004 8:32PM

... Still laughing from the "Paris Hilton" comment. There's actually tears in my eyes...

Erin59 15 200411:59PM

Dang, I guess I'll just have to keep on waiting for when I can have my morning mocha in Paris Hilton.

(Yikes, I don't even really know what that means, I'm sorry.)

Xavier Borderie48 16 2004 4:48AM

Well, the are really at walking distance (8mins) from each other, apparently. The Paris Hilton and the Paris Starbucks, I mean.
Paris Hilton : 18 av Suffren 75015 Paris
Starbucks Paris : 26 avenue de l'Opéra 75001 Paris

So, theorically, you *could* have your morning mocha in Paris Hilton. But, as surprising as it might be, it'd probably be cold by the time you drink it ;)

Mike00 16 2004 9:00AM

If memory serves, the Paris Hilton operates by night. So with the new Starbucks you can now get 24 hour service.

Erin04 20 200410:04PM

Wow, yeah, I think I'd much rather have a mocha in the Paris Hilton (the hotel) than in Paris Hilton (the person.)
Much less chance of catching something nasty, I believe.

traveldom08 21 200411:08PM

I'll have the carmel mocha frappacino in the paris hilton, with paris hilton while being video taped.

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